Cinema Australia Podcast #77 | Jane Castle

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Jane Castle

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Filmmaker Jane Castle joins the latest episode of the Cinema Australia Podcast to discuss her new documentary, When the Camera Stopped Rolling.
The daughter of trailblazing Australian filmmaker, Lilias Fraser, Jane tells the epic tale of her mother’s extraordinary life, her career and their challenging relationship.

Lilias Fraser was the first Australian to study at the National Film School of France who honed her skills on nation-building industrial documentaries of the 1960s, and in 1970 she made one of Australia’s first land rights films, This is Their Land. 

Lilias Fraser

When the Camera Stopped Rolling is a must-see documentary and Jane should be commended for such an honest and raw insight into her personal relationship with her mother. 

Jane is a multi-award-winnning filmmaker and cinematographer. She’s shot films and documentaries and a tonne of music videos for artists like Prince, U2, Mary J Blige, Usher and INXS. 

Jane’s directing work includes the award-winning short, Roadside Café and the SBS documentary Sixty Thousand Barrels. When the Camera Stopped Rolling is Jane’s first feature documentary.

Jane Castle and Lilias Fraser

Jane is so open during this interview. We discuss everything from Jane’s childhood, being compared to her mother, her relationship with other members of her family and how they’ve responded to this film, and how the local film community reacted to her mother’s death. 

When the Camera Stopped Rolling will open in select cinemas around the country from April 21. You can find more details at

Anyway… enjoy.




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