Director Jeffrey Walker joins the Cinema Australia Podcast

Dance Academy director Jeffrey Walker.

Seven years on and Dance Academy finally gets the big screen treatment.

by Matthew Eeles

In front of the camera, Jeffrey Walker is arguably best known by generations of Australians as the cheeky Bronson in the quirky children’s television show, Round the Twist.

But behind the camera, Walker is an established director responsible for some of Australia’s favourite TV shows like Jack Irish, Angry Boys, Rake as well as American mega-hit Modern Family.

This month sees the release of Walker’s second feature film, Dance Academy – a big screen followup to the dizzyingly successful TV series of the same name.

Walker is no stranger to the series having directed eight of the original episodes and he couldn’t be happier to return to helm the movie.

In the latest episode of the Cinema Australia Podcast, Walker discusses Dance Academy, his love and passion for the local film and television industry as well as Round the Twist which he describes as the most iconic program he’s ever been apart of.

Anyway… enjoy.

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