Exclusive! Meet the cast of Bad Girl

Director Fin Ediquist’s Australian psychological thriller Bad Girl is gearing up for a national theatrical release after a successful run on the festival circuit.

Amy (Sara West) is given one last chance by her adoptive parents (Benjamin Winspear and Felicity Price), who think Amy’s friendship with local girl Chloe (Samara Weaving) is a step in the right direction. But when Amy discovers Chloe’s secret she finds herself fighting for her life, and for the future of the family she herself tried to destroy.

The cast of Bad Girl write exclusively for Cinema Australia about their antics on set, shooting the film in Perth and surrounds and working with their very talented crew including first-time cinematographer Gavin Head and musical genius Warren Ellis.

Sara West and Samara Weaving in Bad Girl.

Samara Weaving

Credits Include: Ash vs Evil Dead, Mystery Road, Monster Trucks
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I had never been to Perth before, nor had I featured in a feature film. It was daunting. Not the being in Perth part, but the latter was borderline terrifying. Which, looking back I think was a good thing. It kept me questioning what choices I would make as Chloe and made me profoundly focused and prepared.

Working with Sara was hysterical and a lot of bloody fun (pun intended). We had a fantastic time figuring out who these two girls were and their relationship to one another. I learned a lot from working with her and I’m glad she was my partner in crime during this shoot.

Fin is a delightfully kind and understanding director (a trait I think is undermined in the industry.) He had a strong vision for this story, however was always intrigued to hear our ideas. Our cinematographer Gavin Head was not only the funniest soft spoken man I’ve ever met but bewitchingly captured this story. The crew were hilarious and most weekends we would have a dinner or a pub crawl. I realise now how rare that sense of family is in a production. Ahhhh reminiscing about Bad Girl brings a coy smile to my face.

Sara West

Credits include: Peter Allen: Not The Boy Next Door, The Daughter, One Eyed Girl
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Shooting Bad Girl was intense but in the best way. We had to trust our instincts one hundred percent and it meant that the relationships between the characters mimicked us actually getting to know each other for real.

I think the way we had to shoot adds a whole other layer of tension to the film that creates this unnerving build. I honestly had the best time being pushed to my limits. I think you should be wrecked at the end of every job and I definitely was.

Sara West, Banjamin Winspear and Felicity Price in Bad Girl.

Felicity Price

Credits Include: Wish You Were Here, The Gift, The Duel
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I went to Perth to shoot Bad Girl on my own with two small children, so when I was picked up to go to set every day it was like going on holiday – which is pretty funny considering the kind of material we were shooting.

By that time I’d been living in Los Angeles for about three years and it was so much fun to come back and work with an Aussie crew. We were working with a really small budget so it was a lean crew, working really hard, but everyone was wonderful – good-natured, tireless, always good for a laugh.

Fin is about the most relaxed director I’ve ever worked with, always smiling, really fun and easy to communicate with. Our two leads – Sara and Samara – were super committed. I’d come to set and they’d already be covered in dirt, blood and sweat, faces red from crying and they’d be bouncing up and down gee-ing themselves up for the next take. They were really impressive like that. Always ready to slam themselves at the material and dive in with abandon. It was the first time I’d ever done this kind of teen-slasher film and it was so much fun playing those massive stakes!

Benjamin Winspear

Credits Include: The Last Goodbye, The Babadook, A Place to Call Home
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It’s good sometimes to get away from home to work, especially for the family in Bad Girl who were supposed to be in new and alien surrounds.

I still have no idea where that house really was, but it was the perfect location. We begged to stay there and use the pool. For a first time feature director, Fin got together a pretty amazing team. Gavin Head (cinematographer), Simon Njoo (editor) and Warren Ellis (music) are all incredible artists in their own right, but having Simon on set as a third eye guiding us through paid off in the final cut where the whole place felt like a strange theatre set.

Sara and Samara really gave their all during filming, and our job was really to back up the work they were doing. It became a lot of fun once we got to the gore at the end, even if it was stressful trying to protect the new carpets and walls from all the blood. As usual, just when you feel like you are really getting into it, it’s all over.

Bad Girl writer and irector Fin Edquist will be at Luna Leederville on Friday 28 April to participate in a Q&A screening. Tickets and details here.

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