Teaser Trailer: Steven J. Mihaljevich’s creepy horror Violett looks terrifying

Valentina Blagojevic in Violett.

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Writer, director and producer Steven J. Mihaljevich has just dropped a teaser trailer for his latest film, Violett.

Worlds away from Mihaljevich’s previous film, coming-of-age drama The Xrossing, Violett is a psychological horror about a sick mother who fears unspeakable evil is about to take her child. However, she is about to discover more than one grisly truth.

Georgia Eyers, who also appeared in The Xrossing, stars in the film alongside Sam Dudley, Simon Lockwood, Valentina Blagojevic, Valentina Blagojevic, Jeremy Darling, Takia Morrison, Matthew Parkin and Peter Murdoch.

A release date for Violett is yet to be announced. You can keep up to date with the film by following the film’s official Facebook page. 


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