Human nature, killer instincts – See the trailer for new sci-fi thriller Dome House Six

Dome House Six.

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A fresh trailer has dropped for new Australian thriller Dome House Six.

Set in the near future after a significant collapse of civilisation, Dome House Six is a  sci-fi thriller about trust, mischief, lust and control; that follows four seemingly unconnected people as they try to survive in a post apocalyptic landscape.

Madyn Rae and Jordan Abbey-Young in Dome House Six.

Dome House Six is directed by Stephen Osborne (Strangeville) and produced by Nicole Leo (House of Inequity). The cast includes Madyn Rae, Prem Sagar Krishnan, Jordan Abbey-Young, Gabrielle Brown and Charlotte Best.

Dome House Six will screen at the upcoming Gold Coast Film Festival. Details here


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