Trailer and photos revealed for Lee Galea’s Sexagenarian

Mason Frost in Sexagenarian.

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Filmmaker Lee Galea has revealed the trailer for his new film, Sexagenarian.
Written and directed by Galea, Sexagenarian follows Sadie (Chris Perkins), a lonely 60-year-old woman who begins to see life from a fresh perspective when troubled teenager Buddy (Mason Frost) appears on her doorstep unexpectedly.
This new-found friendship forces Sadie to confront and question her past.
Sexagenarian is Galea fifth film following his previous indie gems including The Neon Spectrum and Filterphonic and co-stars Mert Ergec, Julie Strini and Michelle Eddington. Sexagenarian is produced by Julie Strini and Lee Galea.

A release date for Sexagenarian is yet to be announced. 

Chris Perkins and Mason Frost in Sexagenarian

Chris Perkins in Sexagenarian


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