New Trailer: Leigh is a compelling look at the extraordinary life of chainsaw artist, Leigh Conkie

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Melbourne filmmaker, Ryan Gaskett will premiere his compelling documentary on the extraordinary life of renowned chainsaw artist, Leigh Conkie, this weekend at ACMI in Melbourne.

Titled Leigh, the feature-length film has won multiple film festival awards for Best Documentary, including Los Angeles Film Awards (also Winner Best First Time Director), Sanctuary Film Festival, Eastern Europe International Movie Awards and Bright International Film Festival.

Leigh is a portrait of a man who has used his experiences of abuse, destruction and loss to craft a life of service, connection and meaning. It is a story of loss, struggle, courage, and the redemptive powers of art, service and community.

A talented artist, brave survivor of child abuse, adamant defender of human rights and determined battler of addiction, Leigh Conkie first invited filmmaker Ryan Gaskett to begin recording and investigating the deepest and most intimate details of his remarkable life in 2013.


Filmed over the space of three years, the documentary paints the portrait of a beloved local icon with intimate footage of his daily routine, his captivating practice, his fight for justice against his abuser, and interviews with the network of friends, family and supporters who surround him.

In following Leigh’s journey through abuse, alcoholism, drug-addiction, and art, Leigh is at once a witness to human endurance, a challenge to the surface judgements we make about each other, and an examination of everything that could lead any of us down a path of self-destruction, or self-betterment – including a life-changing decision to go to Japan and climb Mt Fuji!

Leigh is directed, produced and edited by Ryan Gaskett, and features music from The Teskey Brothers, Gotye and original score by Charly Harrison. Leigh is an Ava Grace Productions film.

Screening details here.

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