Rob Collins and Shantae Barnes-Cowan are vampire hunters in Warwick Thornton and Brendan Fletcher’s Firebite

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Following his impressive work on the latest season of Mystery Road, Australia’s most celebrated Indigenous auteur voice Warwick Thornton has continued his television run with new AMC+ TV series, Firebite.

Created, directed and written by Thornton alongside Brendan Fletcher (Mad Bastards), the eight-episode series takes a new spin on the vampire genre, following two Indigenous Australian hunters, Tyson (Rob Collins Cleverman, Extraction) and Shanika (Indigenous Australian star Shantae Barnes-Cowan), on their quest to battle the last colony of vampires in the middle of the South Australian desert. The series also stars Yael Stone (Orange is the New Black) and Callan Mulvey (Avengers: End Game), amongst others.

Firebite premieres on Thursday 16 December on the AMC+ premium streaming bundle with new episodes to follow every Thursday.


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