5 Things: Chasing Wonders

Chasing Wonders.

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Set in the lush landscapes of Australia and Spain, Chasing Wonders is a magical drama about courage, adventure and family.

The film tells the story of young Savino, a 12-year-old child, whose sense of adventure and imagination runs wild. Fueled by his grandfather’s encouragement, and the gift of a telescope, Savino adventures across the desert as a boy, and on a journey to Spain as a teenager, where he learns about his family history and develops a greater compassion for his father.

Chasing Wonders will be available to watch via Apple TV from December 1. But until then, here are five things you should know about the film.

Chasing Wonders was filmed over 5 years

Chasing Wonders introduces us to an incredible new acting talent in Michael Crisafulli who plays Savino in the film. The production was filmed over five years between the sun-drenched wine districts of both Australia and Spain from when Michael was aged 12, and again when he was aged 18 to keep the lead role of Savino as authentic as possible. The results are stunning and as the audience, you will feel like you’ve genuinely been on a journey with this character.
“I think it paid off very well,” writer Judy Morris told Cinema Australia back in April. “I don’t think there was ever a moment when people didn’t completely respond to the idea. So often, just because of schedules and the way you have to work on a film, you might lose out on that. But in this case, there was nobody saying that this wasn’t a wonderful idea, and that it worked very well for them.”

Michael Crisafulli in Chasing Wonders.

Chasing Wonders is written by Australian screen veteran, Judy Morris

Judy Morris is an AFI-winning actor who has been actively involved in the Australian film industry since the late 60’s and has appeared in some of Australia’s most iconic films including Razorback and Phar Lap, and lesser-known gems like John Power’s 1977 comedy, The Picture Show Man. The idea for Chasing Wonders was presented to Judy by businessman, Hilton Nathanson.
“He is an amazing man, and he works very well in lots of fields, but he really had a passion to make a movie that he felt very deeply about, and that passion was shared by Louise, his wife, and he just decided he really wanted to make a film, a film that he was proud of, and that’s how it all began,” says Morris. “I was asked to come and write the film, and I was in the UK, and I did that in the UK, with them and with others working on the film. So that was the real step into having someone who felt as passionately about doing something that he wanted to. It was a great thing to see.”

Judy Morris.

The Chasing Wonders soundtrack is composed by KT Tunstall and Ilan Eshkeri

If you’ve only seen the trailer for the film, you’ll already know Chasing Wonders boasts a magical soundtrack. The music for the film is composed by Scottish singer-songwriter and musician Kate Victoria “KT” Tunstall and British neoclassical composer, Ilan Eshkeri.
“Ilan and I have been friends for a while,” Tunstall told In Creative Company during a recent interview. “It was extremely exciting for me when Ilan invited me in on it and told me about the project and it was an immediate yes. It was an opportunity as a song writer to really bring some fully crafted songwriting to a movie.”

You’ll be floored by Chasing Wonders’ impressive cast

As well as a captivating debut performance from Michael Crisafulli, Chasing Wonders also stars Blade Runner actor and Academy Award nominee Edward James Olmos (Stand and Deliver). The outstanding ensemble cast also includes Paz Vega (Spanglish), Antonio de la Torre (The Spanish Princess), and Carmen Maura (Women On The Verge Of A Nervous Breakdown) and Jesica Marais (Packed to the Rafters) in what may be her best performance ever.

(L-R) Jesica Marais, Quim Guttierez, Paz Vega, Antono de la Torre, Michael Crisafulli, Edward James Olmos and Carmen Maura. Photo by Sam Oster.

Chasing Wonders is shot by the always-impressive Denson Baker

If Chasing Wonders is anything, it’s a visual spectacle that will sweep you off your feet. On cinematography duties is award winning cinematographer Denson Baker who has worked on many international feature films, music videos, documentaries and commercials. His recent credits include the feature film The Colour Room starring Phoebe Dynevor and Matthew Goode, the award winning BBC TV series The Luminaries with Eve Hewson and Eva Green, and Ophelia with Daisy Ridley and Naomi Watts.

Denson Baker.

Chasing Wonders will be available to watch via Apple TV from December 1


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