Our Law series announced

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A new 6-part Western Australian documentary series has started filming called Our Law.

If that name sounds familiar, it’s because the series is based on the groundbreaking 2020 Indigenous documentary of the same name.

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Produced by Taryne Laffar and Sam Bodhi Field, and directed by Cornel Ozies, the 2020 documentary followed two Noongar police officers, Senior Sergeant Revis Ryder and Sergeant Wendy Kelly, as they policed one of the most remote beats in the world, Warakurna – home to an Indigenous community still practicing the lore of one of the world’s oldest living cultures.

In Western Australia’s first and only Indigenous-run police station, Ryder and Kelly learned Yarnangu Lore and culture and mastered the local Ngaanyatjarra language, in an attempt to gain trust and replace the historical black and white law enforcement approach of the past.

Following its world premiere at the virtual edition of Sydney Film Festival 2020, television premiere on NITV and Western Australian premiere in real life at CinefestOZ 2020, the documentary attracted international media attention, which resulted in Netflix acquiring Australia and New Zealand streaming rights.

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“It is with relief, excitement, responsibility and pride that I wish to say, to be working with and for so many Indigenous Traditional Owners and Communities around Western Australia – this is for you,” says series producer, Taryne Laffar.

Our Law not only shines a light on the policing of Aboriginal Peoples in WA, through the lens of Aboriginal Police Officers and the Indigenous Peoples and Communities they police, but is providing solutions based contemporary evidence when looking at the historical and contemporary issues of relations between Indigenous Peoples and the WA Police.”

The full series will be directed by Perun Bonser and Sam Bodhi Field, and will branch out to follow multiple unfolding stories and subjects across the six episodes. After 170 years of locked doors and sealed lips, Our Law’s cameras have been granted intimate and candid access to Indigenous officers and cadets across Western Australia, who are attempting to break the cycle of Indigenous incarceration and repair a deeply troubled Aboriginal-police relationship, while giving voice to the communities being policed.

Keep an eye on cinemaaustralia.com.au for more Our Law updates over the coming months.

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