Eddie Arya’s Risen to invade Sydney Science Fiction Film Festival


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Eddie Arya’s new Australian sci-fi, Risen, will have its world premiere at the Sydney Science Fiction Film Festival.

The festival describes the film as a contemplative, compelling narrative that melds the the thoughtful introspection and intellectualism of Denis Villeneuve’s Arrival and Robert Zemeckis’ Contact with more traditional elements reminiscent of such genre classics as Invaders from Mars and The Day The Earth Stood Still,

Arya’s third feature arrives after a complex, extended production and post-production period.

The central character in Risen is exobiologist Dr Lauren Stone (Nicole Schalmo), who finds her troubled life altered irrevocably by the arrival of a meteorite in the small rural town of Badger, New York. When a toxic gas lays waste to the surrounding area, Dr Stone is reluctantly drawn back into a mystery that threatens not only her fragile emotional state, but also vast centres of population around the world.

“Eddie, Nicole and the entire team behind Risen have exhibited a dedication to the film’s journey to completion like I’ve never seen before,” says Festival Director Simon Foster.

“From the Sydney shoot, to locations in Canada, to countless hours of post, ensuring the effects work is state-of-the-art, the commitment from everyone at Aryavision Pictures embodies the kind of passion for storytelling that we proudly celebrate at the festival. We are honoured to have Risen in our 2021 line-up.”


Having a finished film finally emerge on the festival circuit has seemed a long way off for Eddie Arya.

“Despite all the heartbreaks and major obstacles, I was determined and willing to go through hell and back to complete it,” says Arya.

“This story needed to be told! It takes the audience through a true cinematic journey about the possibilities of extraterrestrial life.”

While the official date of the festival screening is yet to be confirmed, Arya and his key cast and crew will be present for a post-screening Q&A, during which they will detail the mammoth task they were faced with to bring this science-fiction vision to fruition.

“I am overjoyed that Risen will get a hometown premiere at the Sydney Science Fiction Film Festival,” says Arya.

“I look forward to the full red carpet experience with some of the cast and crew, and I know Simon and his festival team will celebrate the film with the same passion that they celebrate all things sci-fi.”

You can find out more about the Sydney Science Fiction Film Festival here.

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