Australian genre films take centre stage at the inaugural Sydney Science Fiction Film Festival

The inaugural Sydney Science Fiction Film Festival (SSFFF) has announced its line-up which including a bunch of exciting Australian films.

Under the patronage of internationally renowned director, Australia’s own Alex Proyas (Dark City, I, Robot, The Crow) and festival director Simon Foster, the SSFFF will run from November 19 to 21 at the state-of-the-art Actors Centre Australia complex in the inner-west suburb of Leichhardt, utilising the latest installation of a digital cinema projector machine and a new cinema screen.

In his role as the Festival’s Patron, visionary director Alex Proyas will be presenting what promises to be a fascinating and very personal insight into his life as a man obsessed with speculative storytelling. Proyas will dive deep into how he fuels his own creative process, the impact of science fiction on his life as a storyteller and the technological advancements that he has both developed and enhanced that are set to dominant filmmaking in the decades ahead.

Here’s a complete list of Australian films screening during the festival. 

Monsters of Man World Premiere
Directed by Mark Toia
A robotics company and a corrupt CIA agent position themselves to win a lucrative military contract, illegally dropping four prototype androids into the infamous Golden Triangle to perform a live field test on unsuspecting drug lords . But volunteer doctors providing aid to locals witness the murder of a village and become the targets.

Strangeville World Premiere
Directed by Steven Osborne
An outback town is prone to mysterious alien abductions, kept secret by the local law. Conspiracy theorist Miles and alcoholic taxi driver Bruce become unlikely protectors of teenager Maisey, when she is return by her alien abductors.

Starspawn: Overture World Premiere
Directed by Travis Bain
Recently widowed farmer Randolph Sutton (Vernon Wells) goes to collect his teenage daughter Amy (Meganne West) from a party, but their routine drive home turns into a frightening close encounter, when the Suttons are stalked by a winged alien creature that seems intent on extracting Amy’s brain.

Short Films

A Blaster In The Right Hands Directed by Richard De Carvalho
The Other SideDirected by Hugo Duvergey
Equivalence Directed by Luis Arnett
Milk Directed by Kyle Lacey-Janettzki
Extra(Terrestrial) Directed by Ilana Finocchario
Alyssa Directed by Kasey Vesperman
Storage Directed by Megan Broberg, Drew Bailey
Time Travel 2 Directed by Carma Sharon
The Traveler Directed by Robert J. D’ottav
Mr. Rachel Directed by Oliver Crawford Smith, Oliver Bailey
Brolga Encore Directed by Adrian Powers

Sydney Science Fiction Film Festival runs Thursday 19 November – Saturday 21 November 2020. Tickets and details here.

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