A new trailer has arrived for JJ Winlove’s family drama June Again

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StudioCanal has release a trailer for June Again, a new comedy drama from the producing team behind the recently released Long Story Short.

In the heartfelt comedy June Again, a twist of fate gives family matriarch June (Noni Hazlehurst) a reprieve from a debilitating illness.

Much to their amazement, June re-enters the lives of her adult children, Ginny (Claudia Karvan) and Devon (Stephen Curry), and learns that ‘things haven’t gone according to plan’.

With limited time but plenty of pluck, she sets about trying to put everything, and everyone, back on track. When her meddling backfires, June sets out on a romantic journey of her own and discovers she needs help from the very people she was trying to rescue.

Written and directed by JJ Winlove, June Again stars Noni Hazlehurst, Claudia Karvan and Stephen Curry.

June Again will be released on May 6.

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