Cinema Australia Podcast #57 | Michael Bentham and Matilda Ridgway

Matilda Ridgway in Disclosure.

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In this episode of the Cinema Australia Podcast host Matthew Eeles is joined by writer and director Michael Bentham and actor Matilda Ridgway to discuss their new film, Disclosure.

Disclosure is a story about what happens when a 4-year-old girl, Natasha, makes a serious allegation against a politician’s 9-year-old son. An attempt by the children’s parents to tackle the issue in a cooperative way soon degenerates into a vicious confrontation. The parents are played by Ridgway, Geraldine Hakewill, Mark Leonard Winter and Tom Wren.

Michael Bentham on the set of Disclosure.

Michael Bentham is a writer, director and composer. He was born in Switzerland, and grew up in the UK where he studied film. Disclosure is Michael’s first feature film. 

Matilda is a Sydney Theatre Award-winning actor. You would have last seen her in Heath Davis’ Book Week and she is set to appear in Marley, Someone when it is released later in the year. 

Disclosure will have an advanced screening at Belgrave Cameo in Victoria at 3pm on Sunday 21 Feb at 3pm which includes a Q&A. This will be followed by a limited run from Thursday 25 Belgrave Cameo.

You can keep up to date with further Disclosure release announcements at

Anyway… Enjoy.

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