Rage gets a final trailer ahead of its VOD release next month


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by Matthew Eeles

Cinema Australia has published two Rage trailers since the announcement of John Balazs’ new revenge thriller back in April, 2019.

Those trailer have since been removed to make way for a new trailer ahead of the film’s Vimeo On Demand release on February 23.

“While it’s absolutely nerve-racking to see your trailer finally get out into the public eye, it’s also a sigh of relief as it signifies the finishing line approaching to what has been over two years of extremely hard work and continuous battles to get a passion project off the ground,” Balazs told Cinema Australia.

Rage is a violent, and sometimes shocking piece of Australian cinema. When a violent home invasion brings an already troubled marriage closer to the brink, a husband must come to terms with his own indiscretions, in a desperate move to seek forgiveness that will bring them both to the point of no return.

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“I hope that an audience will take a moment, slow down and really sink their teeth into the story and characters in Rage,” says Balazs.

“Its a slow burning, Nordic Noir inspired piece and something not commonly seen in Australian cinema. It has a raw, gritty and unapologetic look at what can ruin a relationship, how trauma and violence can completely blanket conscious thought and just how destructive our decisions can be. It’s up to an audience now to really decide where the film will sit in their hearts and whether they will remember it post credits. We hope other filmmakers can see that through extreme mental pressure, ultra awareness and preparation and about a year of no sleep, that you can, indeed create films by completely taking the left road and bypassing the conventional filmmaking routes.”

Directed by Balazs, Rage stars Matt Theo, Hayley Beveridge, Richard Norton, Tottie Goldsmith, Melissa Barlas, Natasha Maymon, Tony Kots, Jasper Bagg, Nic Stevens, Stephen Degenaro, Marcus Merkoski, Steve Gration and Josette Bradley.

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