Weekend Viewing: 4 Australian films new to VOD

If your New Year’s resolution was to watch more Australian films, then we’ve got you covered. Here are four Australian films new to VOD for you to watch this weekend.

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Bloody Hell

Available: iTunes, Google Play and Xbox
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Bonkers, brutal and bloody brilliant! Bloody Hell is a quirky fun horror with levity set between Boise in Idaho and Helsinki in Finland and follows Rex Coen (Ben O’Toole Nekrotronic), a man with a mysterious past, whom flees the country to escape his own personal hell – only to arrive somewhere much, much, much worse…

Bloody Hell was filmed entirely on the Gold Coast and was directed by Alister Grierson (Sanctum) and written by first time screen writer, Robert Benjamin.

Rex Coen is back in his hometown of Boise, Idaho after eight long years away… and the whole country is buzzing about it. Why? He’s infamous. But seeing his own face on magazine covers, being greeted with hateful verbal abuse and hounded by hordes of paparazzi isn’t exactly the warm welcome he was anticipating. So, in an effort to change his luck, he decides to flee the country in search of a better life. But what he finds is anything but.

Waking up drugged, dazed, and hung by his wrists from a water pipe in a dark basement somewhere in the countryside of Helsinki, Finland, Rex has many questions…

Luckily, he’s not alone. Well, not entirely alone. Amidst the horror he faces, and the maddening thoughts racing through his weakened mind, his sanity comes in the form of his Conscience, a personified double, conjured up years ago to help him cope with a disastrous life. Together, Rex and his Conscience must race against time to free themselves from what waits above. And what waits above?

Bloody Hell also stars Meg Fraser, who makes her screen debut playing the Finnish character of Alia, a natural born caretaker, but also the black sheep of her family, Caroline Craig (Blue Heelers, Underbelly), Matthew Sunderland (Amazon’s The Lost City of Z, Out of the Blue), Travis Jeffery (Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, Unbroken), Jack Finsterer (Dangerous, In Her Skin, Neighbours), and newcomers David Hill, and Caleb Enoka.

Measure for Measure

Available: Netflix

Measure for Measure is directed by Paul Ireland from a script by Ireland and Damian Hill. Measure for Measure stars Hugo Weaving, Harrison Gilbertson, Megan Smart, Daniel Henshall, Mark Leonard Winter, Fayssal Bazzi, Malcolm Kennard, John Brumpton and Fayssal Bazzi.

An unlikely love ignites between a modern Muslim girl and a local musician amongst the background of racial tension, amphetamines and gang culture in the city’s notorious housing estate.

Inspired by Shakespears’s play Measure for Measure and influenced by the gritty realism of films like Amores Perros, the social conscience of Fishtank and dynamic aesthetic of Un Prophete, Measure for Measure questions the notion of justice, the ability for redemption and the desire for power and examines the idea that ‘we can never escape our true nature or where we are from despite our attempts’. Measure for Measure is also a raw study of the most basic and yet most complex of our emotions – love…. how we react when we find it, and how far we would go to keep it.

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The Flood

Available: GooglePlay and AppleTV
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A tale of retribution, revenge, redemption and reconciliation. Set during WWII this is the story of Jarah’s coming-of-age in a brutal and lawless land – growing from a sweet child to a strong, independent and ferocious woman taking on Australia’s corrupt and bigoted system one bad guy at a time. In the best tradition of the gunslinging outlaw, when the enigmatic Jarah is pushed to the limit she explodes in a fury of retribution. But for a revenge western there is a surprising series of twists and turns.

Directed by Victoria Wharfe McIntyre The Flood stars Alexis Lane, Shaka Cook, Dean Kyrwood, Dalara Williams, Karen Garnsey, Peter McAllum, Simone Landers and Aaron Jeffery.

The Dustwalker

Available: AppleTV, Google Play and YouTube
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An Alien spacecraft crash-lands in an isolated town in the middle of harsh desert. It’s protected content is damaged, releasing an insidious parasite that attacks the brain of all creatures including humans, making them disorientated, unnaturally strong, and violent if that’s where the subconscious takes them.

Sergeant Joanne Sharp, long-time local cop desperately yearns for the city after being dragged back to the small township with the birth of her nephew. Determined to take her feisty younger sister Samantha and eight-year old son Simon to the city, wakes to find the township without communication. Arriving at the local police station to her police officer partner Luke Dawson, they venture into the town trying to solve unexpected events, that at first appear simple, but before long, they both realise are harbingers of horror to come.

Those who have been affected by the spread of the virus search out those they love, not sure of what they’re about to do when they find them. Joanne, and Luke soon discover this virus makes no sense, is random, and in the tight time frame impossible to control. With the town purposely isolated from the outside world by unknown sources, Joanne struggles to understand why?

Eventually teaming up with the Alien, who mysteriously makes appearances throughout as he tries to destroy the remnants of his mistake, Joanne, Luke and the towns’ people all fight to save the township from itself, only to realise the Alien is prepared to destroy the virus at no expense – including humans that get in the way.

The Dustwalker is written and directed by Sandra Sciberras (Surviving Georgia), produced by Grace Luminato and stars Jolene Anderson, Stef Dawson, Richard Davies, Cassandra Magrath, Talina Naviede, Harry Greenwood and Ben Mortley.





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