A new trailer has landed for psychedelic sci-fi horror High Strangeness

High Strangeness.

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A new trailer has dropped for, High Strangeness.

Written and directed by Casper Jean Rimbaud and produced by Destiny West, who previous wrote, produced and directed The Unhallowed respectively, High Strangeness was shot in the small WA Wheatbelt town of Quairading.

When the parents of internationally renowned playwright Abby White are killed in a horror road crash, she relocates to her childhood home – an isolated farm in Quairading,  Western Australia with her eight year old sister.

Soon bizarre memories from her childhood begin to surface and horrific visions are shared between the orphaned girls.

What happened to Abby as a child? Are the visions merely trauma induced grief, or something more?

Abby meets Mason Bennett, a paranoid schizophrenic ostracised by his community and cared for by his long suffering sister. Mason offers an explanation for Abby’s unceasing fear that there is something else on the farm with them. Something utterly alien to anything that she has ever conceived before.

Surely his psychotic ravings of UFOs, alien abduction, mind-control and secret government programs are the product of a broken mind? And who is the sinister black suited ‘Samuel California’ who seems to know everything there is to know about Abby’s murky and traumatized childhood?

High Strangeness is based on Jean Rimbaud’s novel Post Encounter and stars Philippe Mora, Britt Hadlow, Casper Jean Rimbaud, Amity Russell Scheffler, Benjiman Yardley, Dan Lonick, Ethan Gors, Simone McGinness, Kevin Simons, Rosie McCartney, Shelley-anne Russell, Bruce England, Luke Howlett, Nyssa Russell Scheffler, Jacob Zachariah, Brock Macdonald, Bailey McGinniss, Sarah Johnson and Beth Lightbody.

A 2021 release date is expected to be announced soon.

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