Intersection: See the trailer for the new Australian kidnap thriller

Matt Doran in Intersection.

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Intersection will have its Australian premiere during the Sydney leg of Monster Fest next week.

Written and directed by Samuel Bartlett (Found Footage), Intesection is a tense, nail-biting Australian thriller about a conman, played by Matt Doran (Home and Away, The Matrix) who must atone for his sins before his son is killed by kidnappers.

Jake Galloway wheels and deals like no one else in Sydney. One evening, as he one-ups the founder of a local tech startup over a visa, he receives a mysterious picture message from an unknown kidnapper with a gun held to his son’s head.

He takes an anonymous call from the kidnapper and is forced to abort the visa deal in progress. Jake is coerced to drive the Sydney streets, completing an escalating series of trials to appease his son’s abductor and learn how his actions have affected others.

As well as Doran, Intersection also stars Lianne Mackessy, Lucy Fry, Daniel Kajtaz, Gary Boulter, Luke Cussen, Lara Lightfoot, Cathy Burnside, Ishak Issa, Liz Harper and Jack Newell. Intersection is produced by James Carr and Dean Ginsburg.

Intersection will screen at Monster Fest on Thursday, November 5 at Event Cinemas George Street, Sydney. Details here.

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