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What’s it about:

Set in late 1960’s Australia, Henry and his father George stand in the field, hunting. They are two different kinds of men and George’s overpowering nature dominates Henry’s life. George envisages success for Henry, unrelentingly pushing him to achieve. Yet when Henry does fulfil his father’s vision, his efforts are simply not enough. Always trying to please him, Henry is too young to realise that the task he has been set was impossible. A freak event causes George to re-evaluate his nature and understand his own failings.

Des Flanagan in Rabbits.

About the film:

Rabbits was shot in mid October, 2018 and had itsWorld Premiere at the OzSnax Film Awards​ in Melbourne where it won ​Best Student Film​. Rabbits was officially selected for the BAFTA Qualifying​ Aesthetica Short Film Festival​ in York, UK and the ​Nottingham International Film Festival​ in Nottingham, UK.

The idea for ​Rabbits​ was inspired by director, writer and co-producer Riley Sugar’s grandfather and great-grandfather, Donald and Jack McCraith. Jack McCraith was a well known Melbourne identity and Rabbit Exporter, who became the leader of his industry.He was also a Hall of Fame level Clay Target Shooter. Like Jack, Donald took up the sport of Clay Target Shoot, qualifying for the 1972 Munich Olympics before he was suddenly killed in a car accident in 1969. Rabbits​ has taken inspiration from Donald and Jack’s relationship, which was tumultuous at times. Though some creative liberties have been taken, much of the core drama between the two remains true to history. The film stars Stavros Psoras (​Promised​) as George, Des Flanagan (​Neighbours​) as Henry, Keith Gledhill  (​For the Love of Cinema​) as Diesel, JJ Pantano (​Australia’s Got Talent)​ as Young Boy and Georgia Eyers (​The Crossing​) as Betty.  In 2017, Riley made a film called ​For the Love of Cinema​, which was inspired by Mornington Cinema’s owner Ian McCann and his wife Tessa. This film featured in the cinemas for over six months, receiving an audience of over 7,500 people and was successful on the film circuit too, winning the World Cinema Award at the  BlackBird Film Festival in New York. The film was completed as part of Riley’s Honours Degree in Film at Deakin University.

Stavros Psoras in Rabbits.

Key Creatives:

Riley Sugars Director, Writer & Co-Producer
Ruby Betts Producer
Jon Grosland Producer
Danny Field Cinematographer
Phoenix Waddell Production Designer
Chloe Graham Editor
Leon Ross Original Score
Gemma Stack Sound Designer

Discover more:

Facebook | Instagram | IMDb | Facebook (Riley) | INSTAGRAM (Riley)

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