Benefited director Clare McCann launches Sydney Women’s International Film Festival

Clare McCann.

Australian filmmaker Clare McCann has announced the launch of her new film festival, Sydney Women’s International Film Festival with the inaugural event set to launch on November 27 at United Cinemas Opera Quays.

Festival director McCann conceived SWIFF to help address the gender imbalance in the film industry, and partnered with Marketing Director, Suzie Watt, to launch the not-for-profit and provide greater opportunities for female film-makers to share their stories with local audiences.

As an independent director, writer and actor, Clare’s own debut feature film Benefited, recently launched on a multitude of on-demand platforms. She has intimate knowledge of the challenges faced by women in the film industry and seeks to inspire other women creatives through SWIFF.

“Now more than even this is a time for women’s stories and female film-makers to collaborate and create. My hope is for SWIFF to contribute to a landscape that better enables them. We chose United Cinemas because we wanted to celebrate women in film in the most iconic Sydney way in a location that as our festival grows and we attract more international filmmakers that they have the beautiful scenic views of the surrounding Sydney harbour to inspire them.”

The support generously provided to SWIFF by the City of Sydney, as part of the City’s cultural program, will help ensure SWIFF delivers a world-class event celebrating female creativity and encouraging cultural engagement.

“SWIFF’s selection as a City of Sydney grant recipient has been a wonderful endorsement of what we’re hoping to achieve with this festival, and the Committee is excited to bring the program to life in November”, Suzie Watt noted.

Recognising the best in local and international female identifying stories in film and screenplays created by women, SWIFF will award winners for Best Feature, Best Short, Best Documentary Feature, Best Documentary Short, Best Animation, Best Children’s Film, Best Feature Screenplay and Best Short Screenplay.

You can find out more about the festival here.

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