Bianca Bradey stars in bloody adaptation of cult horror comic Nancy in Hell!

Back in 2017, Cinema Australia broke the news that Wyrmwood actor Bianca Bradey had been cast in an Australian proof-of-concept short film adaptation of cult horror comic, Nancy in Hell.

Well three years later the film has finally been released via genre streamer Deadhouse.TV. You can watch he full film below.

You can read our full interview with Bradey here.

Here’s the press release:

On the eve of the 10th anniversary of the cult horror comic’s launch, Deadhouse TV is releasing Nancy In Hell, the crowdfunded short film and proof-of-concept adapted and produced by Jennifer Van Gessel’s Far From Everything Films, who also produced the Australian horror thriller Beast No More.

Nancy seems like a classic 80s slasher movie final girl, but after a fateful encounter with the mysterious Mr. Macabre, soon wakes up in Hell realising she needs to fight her way back out.

10 years after its original Spanish language release an English language version was released in the United States in September 2010 with early issues of Amigo Comics’ Nancy In Hell instantly capturing the imagination of fans, outselling early issues of The Walking Dead. Over the last two decades, multiple sequels, republications and spinoffs of Nancy In Hell, including Nancy In Hell On Earth, have thrilled horror fans around the globe.

The pages of the graphic novels have been brought to vivid life by writer and producer Jennifer Van Gessel, herself a comic book writer, who says she was inspired by the fun in the character.

“The Nancy comic by El Torres is quirky and fun, I could see a cool grindhouse film with a character that could drive it. Nancy isn’t the classic final girl. She’s not perfect, a bit cheeky, and people love her for that,” says Van Gessel.

Nancy is played by Bianca Bradey (Wyrmwood, Rendel, Starting From Now). Bradey made her mark in the horror genre with Kiah Roache-Turner’s breakthrough Aussie zombie film Wyrmwood, which is where she caught Van Gessel’s eye.

“Bianca came to mind as she has many of Nancy’s qualities. We’d seen her in Wyrmwood tearing up the screen covered in blood and it just seemed right.”

Nancy in Hell was directed by Aaron Warwick (Beast No More) and also stars frequent Deadhouse collaborator Dean Kyrwood (Doctor Doctor, Event Zero, Mask of the Evil Apparition), who is also currently working with Van Gessel on her directorial feature debut Water Horse, alongside Lauren Grimson (The Legend of Ben Hall, Surge).

Nancy marks the second collaboration with Deadhouse for Van Gessel, the first being Beast No More, on which Deadhouse founder Enzo Tedeschi was also an Executive Producer, with Rachele Wiggins as Producer on both projects.

“It’s really cool to have what is hopefully just the beginning of Nancy’s journey to the screen on Deadhouse TV. Being able to offer new ideas and films for discovery by an audience of genre fans is one of the reasons for Deadhouse TVs existence,” says Tedeschi.

Deadhouse TV produces and curates horror, science fiction and thriller films, shorts, series as well as trivia and review content on Youtube, Facebook and at

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