Exclusive! Bianca Bradey cast in Nancy in Hell

Bianca Bradey is set to appear in a Nancy in Hell pilot.

Bianca Bradey is set to appear in a Nancy in Hell pilot. Image Source: IMDB

by Matthew Eeles

Bianca Bradey has been cast in a pilot for the television adaptation of El Torres’ popular comic book, Nancy in Hell.

The talented Australian actress, who is best known for her breakout performance as Brooke in Aussie cult-classic Wyrmwood, will play the titular character – a trash-talking, wise-cracking, whisky-swilling badass who slaughters demons with her trademark chainsaw – in a series set to be produced by Jennifer Van Gessel and directed by Aaron Warwick.

With the series the team will be aiming to tell a mix of old and new stories with many new characters set to be introduced. “We’re going to try to take the series in a different direction to the existing comics,” Van Gessel told Cinema Australia. “The comic book has recently been remade and is now published by a different publisher and that’s the direction we’re looking to take it.”


Fans needn’t worry that the violence of the original comic book is going to be watered down for a television audience. “The blood and guts are going to be there, but it won’t be in-your-face violence. It’s going to have some Grindhouse about it, but beyond the violence there’s also going to be a really good story,” Van Gessel said.

As for the main character, the producer couldn’t be any more enthusiastic about her leading lady. “Unbelievably, the new version of Nancy in the most recent comic books looks just like Bianca,” she said.

Bradey, who admits to being more of a computer game nerd than a comic book geek, was offered the role of Nancy after her name was suggested to Van Gessel by a mutual friend and it didn’t take much convincing for Bradey to join the project.

“When they sent me the Nancy in Hell comics, the character outline and the script I knew I could totally be this character,” Bradey told Cinema Australia. “I think Nancy is amazing and ballsy and I jumped at the opportunity to play her. Every now and then you read something and it just clicks with you. It gets into your soul and you feel this connection with it. I just had to get this role.”


Some fans may express their concerns about Bradey’s petite frame compared to the bulky, masculine size of her inked counterpart, but Bradey is confident she can do Nancy justice. “Honestly, I have been contemplating my body size, but they reimagined the Nancy in Hell comics recently and she’s not quite as big as she was originally,” she said. “In the newer comics she’s much more feminine and sexier but still a massive tomboy. I think I suit the new imaginings much more.”

“I think Nancy is so awesome and encompases so much that I really want to do her justice,” Bradey was quick to ensure Nancy in Hell fans. “There are a lot of strong, vocal and loyal Nancy fans out there and she has a huge following. I honestly hope they’re happy with my casting and that I do it justice for them because when you have such a love and passion for something it’s got to be done right so it satisfies the fans. That’s why I’m making it.”

Bianca Bradey in Wyrmwood.

Bianca Bradey in Wyrmwood.

Nancy in Hell will be shot in Australia once Van Gessel and Warwick have wrapped on Beast No More, an Australian feature film starring Dan Ewing and Jessica Tovey. “We’re really excited because some of the films I’ve worked on previously have struggled to find or keep crew but with Nancy it feels like everyone is really excited to come on-board. Some people have even offered to work for free,” Van Gessel laughed.

Always one to stay busy, Bradey is currently hard at work on the highly-anticipated followup to Wyrmwood. At the moment we’re shooting a teaser for a TV series which will hopefully be turned into a hardcore, ten-parter. Imagine True Detective meets The Walking Dead,” she told Cinema Australia.

We can’t wait for both.

Keep an eye on the Cinema Australia network for updates on the project.




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