Charlie’s Farm and Boar director Chris Sun has a new film in the works

Director Chris Sun.

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Australian horror maestro Chris Sun has revealed he’s working on a new feature film.

The Charlie’s Farm and Boar director posted a prosthetics image to his Facebook page yesterday announcing, “I’VE BEEN KEEPING A SECRET!!”

The rest of the post gives little away, but Cinema Australia reached out to Sun to ask for more information.

“I’m not used to keeping everything under wraps,” Sun told Cinema Australia. “We will be revealing more details soon, but between my concept artist Rob Stanley and my prosthetic artist Steve Boyle, we are going to have some fucking insane looking practical effects in this film.” 

Rob Stanley worked on the visual effects for Sun’s last film Boar, while Steven Boyle has worked in the makeup department on a heap of Australian productions including the Spierig Brothers’ Undead, Daybreakers and Winchester.

Sun launched his horror film career with his controversial feature film debut Come and Get Me in 2010. In 2012 Sun released his second feature film Daddy’s Little Girl which was a hit on the international horror film festival circuit.

Since then Sun’s films have attracted some big names including American actors Tara Reid (American Pie), Kane Hodder (Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood) and Bill Moseley (The Devil’s Rejects) who all starred in Charlie’s Farm, and Australian acting icons John Jarratt, Steve Bisley and Ernie Dingo who all appeared in Boar.

Sun’s Facebook post mentions that his latest production will be looking to cast a “shit load of extras”. We’re taking that as a hint that Sun’s new film could possibly be a zombie film – a genre notorious for large extra hordes.

We’re sure all will be revealed soon and we can’t wait.

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