Psychological thriller Aversion is now in post-production

L-R: Tristan Balz, Fiona Cooper, Amanda Corrie, Ferinaz Mousavi, Jesse Hislop, Kate Elder and Brittany Fenwick. Photo by Rowena Murphy.

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Aversion – a psychological thriller, directed by award-winning filmmaker, Aaron Kamp – was filmed in Buckland Estate, Perth. 

Perth based production company Seize The Day Studios has wrapped filming on its new short film Aversion filmed at Buckland Estate, just outside of Toodyay.

Aversion follows seven characters who must confront their phobias after being invited to a funeral. Written by Brittany Fenwick, who also plays the role of Jamie, this short film ends with a cliff hanger, leaving the audience craving more.

This is a deliberate ploy by the filmmakers, who are using the short as a proof of concept for a feature-length version.

Aversion was a project I knew I wanted to be involved in instantly. A terrifying story with many crucial conversations taking place,” says Brittany Fenwick.

Perth based producer and owner of Seize the Day Studios, Anthony Chila, along with producer Ferinaz Mousavi (who stars in the lead role of Carla) and co-producer Dimitrios Christodoulakis (playing the role of the Professor) are now looking for investors to get the feature green-lit.

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The short film will also function as a stand-alone piece and will be entered into a number of film festivals.

“What to expect when you cross a driven talented cast and crew and throw them all into a psychological thriller? A nail-biting suspenseful film that will have you grabbing at your seats,” says Dimitrios Christodoulakis.

Post-production is now underway, with director Aaron Kamp, also serving as the editor on the project.

Kamp’s filmography includes feature film Hidden Light and short film True Reflection.

“After reading the script, I was excited to come on board as this film really has the potential to be a break-out genre hit. And we have a great cast and crew that have helped make the story come alive. I can’t wait to see it once the edit is complete and we’ve added all those final touches that will make it a thrilling film to watch,” says Kamp.

Aversion is set in an 1800’s style mansion with seven individuals sitting around a dinner table. Believing they have been invited to a funeral, as the story unfolds we come to realise that there is more at play here as we witness the phobia of each individual come to light.

“This project will set us apart from the rest,” says Anthony Chila. This low budget production, made up of talented local Perth filmmakers and actors, is sure to impress viewers and potential investors, looking to invest in local talent.

“I strongly believe this is a unique story hence why I have stepped into a producer role for the first time! Our goal was to always produce a high-quality film that will do this story justice,” says Ferinaz Mousavi.

It is anticipated that the short film will be completed in September.

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