Unwanted guests crash the party in the An Ideal Host teaser trailer

An Ideal Host.

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A teaser trailer has dropped for An Ideal Host.

The WA-shot genre hybrid is directed by Perth-based filmmaker Robert Woods.

Cinema Australia were lucky enough to get an early look at the film and we can report that the film delivers. An Ideal Host is an absolute blast. We commented in another publication that An Ideal Host is one of the most creatively accomplished sci-fi films ever made in WA. Woods has delivered a micro-budget gem packed full of genuine laughs, gore and alien terror.

Liz (Nadia Collins) just wants to host a perfect dinner at her and her partner’s newly purchased rural property. It’s a lovely spot and she hasn’t seen her friends for a long time – but with them comes a couple of uninvited guests who upset the apple cart and Liz’s best laid plans with their behaviour, once the alcohol begins to flow.

But bad behaviour is the least of the issues that are about to befall this group of hip young things, as a sinister force begins to reveal itself, and the friends are pitted against each other in a battle for survival.

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Here’s what Rev had to say about the film:

“Absolutely reckless and rocketing from one wild set-piece to another, An Ideal Host is never what you think it is, setting its audience up for a crazy ride that will make you want to revisit some of your sci-fi horror faves. Hats off to this local team who obviously enjoyed producing this rollicking “what’ll we do next” piece of exploitation.”

An Ideal Host stars Collins alongside Evan Williams, Naomi Brockwell, St John Cowcher, Mary Soudi, Daniel Buckle, Tristan McInnes, Andrea Gibbs and Sam Longley. An Ideal Host is written by Tyler Jacob Jones.

An Ideal Host will screening during Revelation Film Festival’s online event, Couched. You can find more details here.

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