Hang onto your undies! The Fracketty Frack trailer is here

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The first trailer has dropped for new sci-fi comedy web series, Fracketty Frack.

Set in the Northern Territory, Fracketty Frack is a satirical look behind the curtain of politics, corporate greed, land ownership and activism revolving around the fracking controversy.

Part satire, part social commentary, part science-fiction, Fracketty Frack puts the alien into Austr-alien offering a relevant, entertaining insight into the Territory condition.

Fracketty Frack is written and directed by Nat Kelly and produced by Philip Tarl Denson. The series stars Andrew King, Gail Evans, Phil O’Brien, Haylee Elise Wright, Yoris Wilson and Michael Van Berkel.

Fracketty Frack will be available to view online from June 12. You can find more details at www.frackettyfrack.com.

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