“Fat Pizza meets Curb Your Enthusiasm” – New comedy Earners drops tomorrow


The first two episodes of Earners will be released via YouTube tomorrow.

Filmed in the outer-suburbs of Melbourne, the new comedy web series was directed by Nick Kozakis and Liam Kelly from an idea by Carl Allison.

Independently produced, Earners stars Stephen Clements, Samantha Pearce and Stig Wemyss and has been described as Australia’s answer to Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Earners follows the exploits of two petty criminals, Jase (Clements) and Nikki (Pearce) as they hustle and scheme their way through life often with disastrous results. Think Fat Pizza meets Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Only two of the six episodes were filmed before COVID-19 restrictions halted production, so viewers will have to wait a while to catch the entire series.

“We decided to release what we had made so far; to give people some fresh entertainment while we are all stuck inside,” Allison, who also shot the series, told Cinema Australia.

Stephen Clements, Samantha Pearce in Earners.

Allison, who has worked with Kozakis and Kelly on a bunch of Tones and I video clips including Dance Monkey, says he drew on his experiences in the music industry as inspiration for the series.

“Years ago I worked at hip-hop based music store that sold vinyl records and spray paint,” Allison said.

“You’d meet a variety of clientele from graffiti writers, aspiring rappers, culture enthusiasts and petty crims. The work was part retail, part social work. The stories, antics and the offer of stolen goods was part of the daily entertainment.”

Co-producer Robert Fantozzi says the team wanted to make something on their own terms, that’d be fun to shoot, utilising their diverse network of talented friends and fellow creatives.

“While the stories and humour may not resonate with everyone, I think there’s definitely an audience out there; a forgotten demographic waiting for something they can relate to,” says Fantozzi.

“If it does, then you can bet we’ll make some more.”

Earners premieres on YouTube tomorrow.

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