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The first trailer has been revealed for new anthology feature film, In Corpore.

In Corpore features four anthological stories about couples under strain, loyalties tested, and what happens when one partner’s desires deviate from the expectations of the relationship – be it traditional or open.

Set in Melbourne, Malta, Berlin and New York, co-directors Sarah Jayne and Ivan Malekin filmed In Corpore as they migrated from Australia to Malta, with a few detours along the way. And like their previous film, Friends, Foes and Fireworks, In Corpore is mostly improvised.

“Sarah and I began filming in Australia,” Malekin tells Cinema Australia.

“We migrated to Malta and continued filming, also travelling to New York and Germany to complete production and working with different international crews. Post was completed in Malta with collaborations across the world but predominately with Australians.”

In Corpore examines the nature of commitment and the idea of sacrificing personal desires at the altar of love, questioning if following the desires of your body and soul – even if it means hurting the one you love – is a selfish pursuit.

Never ones to do things in a traditional way, Jayne and Malekin plan on releasing In Corpore using a hybrid distribution model.

“We’ll be releasing the film in cinemas in the various cities we filmed in – New York, Malta, Berlin, Melbourne – likely in that order. Following each city screening, we’ll release the film digitally for one week on a platform like Vimeo to capitalise on any press or hype we build. We’ll begin in New York in mid-July and will be travelling there for a Q&A. Melbourne will be the final city towards the end of the year,” says Malekin

“We already experiment with the way we make films by using improvisation, and additionally using an anthological story structure for In Corpore, outlining chapters as we went along from country to country over an eight month production period, so we want to experiment with distribution too. We want the fate of our film to be in our hands.”

In Corpore is co-produced by Clara Francesca who also stars in the film alongside Naomi Knight, Kelsey Gillis, Sarah Timm, Christopher Dingli, Frank Fazio and Timothy McCown Reynolds.

Keep an eye on Cinema Australia for updates regarding the film. You can follow the film on Facebook here.

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