Andrew Walsh ready for new Australian drama How Deep is the Ocean

Director Andrew Walsh.

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Pre-production has commenced on director Andrew Walsh’s debut feature film, How Deep Is The Ocean.

The new Australian drama follows Eleanor, a mysterious young woman who arrives in Melbourne during the height of a scorching summer with only the clothes on her back and a difficult past she can’t discuss.

Taking up residence in a decrepit house on the cities ugly and violent fringes, Eleanor sets about creating a new life for herself.

Facing adversity at every single turn, Eleanors attempts to reinvent herself are thwarted by her own self sabotaging behaviour as well as the harsh realities of life in the big city.

As summer gives way to winter Eleanor gradually begins to find her feet, spending most of her time pursuing a doomed affair with her married neighbour, Charlie while ignoring the man who really cares for her.

By the end of the journey harsh lessons are learnt, small victories are won and peace is briefly found and lost. Eleanor now must go to the ocean in order to get the answers she needs and finds a strength she never knew she had.

According to the filmmakers, the screenplay has a unique scene by scene framework allowing the actors to improvise and experiment – a style inspired by directors like Mike Leigh.

How Deep Is The Ocean is produced by Roberto Chuter (A Beautiful Request) and Daniela Ercoli (Choir Girl) and stars Will Weatheritt, Ryan Bown, Richard Aspel, Marie-Therese Byrne.

Shooting is set to commence mid-April through to May 2020 in and around St. Kilda and Elwood.

You can keep up to date with the film here. 

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