The Cinema Australia 2019 Audience Award winner is…

Since its inception in 2014, the Cinema Australia Audience Award has continued to grow in popularity receiving thousands of votes every year.

This year was no exception with a record number of votes received. The winning film received over sixty percent of this year’s votes alone which is a first.

While counting the votes can be a bit of a challenge, we get a real kick out of seeing the wide range of films that are voted for. We also enjoy reading comments that accompany your votes and we love hearing how a certain film had an emotional impact on your life.

The winning film had a lot of those comments.

“A truly definitive movie. Brilliantly made and acted. Those involved should be justly proud of the movie they made. It is totally emotive and has had appeal to all ages. This is our history.¬†Brilliantly made and deserving of an award.” Monica Meulengraaf

“Bloody good movie and you can take that comment from one who was there.” Patrick Duggan

“Best movie I have seen this year.” Dean Wirth

“I have never watched one of these films and been as involved, as drawn in, and as on the edge of my seat as I was.” Dom Stevens

“Brilliant movie. Very emotional.” Anne Youl

Thanks again to everyone who voted. You can find out which film won the Cinema Australia 2019 Audience Award by clicking here.

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