We’re launching a brand new film festival!

Jasmine Leivers and Cinema Australia’s Matthew Eeles at Palace Cinemas Raine Square.

A message from Cinema Australia founder and editor, Matthew Eeles

I love Australian movies.

Since 2013 I’ve dedicate my spare time to supporting Australian films and Australian filmmakers, and I’ve enjoy every second of it. I’ve enjoyed it so much that Cinema Australia will be a lifetime commitment.

What some readers and followers may not know about Cinema Australia is that we’re based in Perth, Western Australia.

During my journey, I’ve been actively involved in the WA film community working alongside established WA-based brands like Revelation Perth International Film Festival, CinéfestOZ, Luna Cinemas, Palace Cinemas, Event Cinemas and most importantly, NextGen – a regular short film and web series festival run by local producer, and my friend, Jasmine Leivers.

After three years working together Jasmine and I are launching a joint film festival called WA Made Film Festival, in March next year.

Presented by Cinema Australia and NextGen, WA Made Film Festival aims to shine a spotlight on WA filmmakers during a three-day film festival running March 13-15, 2020 at the new Palace Cinemas in Raine Square with the aim to grow bigger and better every year.

WA Made Film Festival is supported by ScreenwestLotterywest and the City of Perth and aims to showcase and celebrate talented cast and crew, stunning locations and unique stories from all over Western Australia.

WA Filmmakers can submit their short films, feature films and documentaries here by December 20 to be considered for inclusion.

Even though I’ll be busy over the next few months working hard to deliver the best film festival possible, I’ll remain committed to bringing Cinema Australia readers the most up-to-date news, reviews, features and interviews from all over the country.

Here’s to the future of Australian cinema.

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