The Babadook is available on VHS and we want one!

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Those mad cats over at Umbrella Entertainment have released a limited run of The Babadook on VHS.

The run is limited to just 50 copies and Christmas is coming up so if any of my family are reading this…

Fans of Jennifer Kent’s white-knuckle knockout will be able to score the VHS cassette for $30 or as a Blu-ray combo for $40.

Here’s the spiel from Umbrella:

Feed your VCR this Christmas with a limited edition VHS of The Babadook, Umbrella’s bona-fide modern horror classic from the director of The Nightingale, Jennifer Kent.

Available exclusively from the Umbrella Entertainment web-shop as either a stand-alone VHS or VHS+Blu-ray bundle; the video cassette is housed in an original 1980s Focus Video clamshell case for authentic ex-rental vibes, a full-colour heavyweight matte-stock sleeve and full colour tape labels.

Keen-eyed fans will also notice a ‘90s classification design and the ‘00s Umbrella logo (his name is ‘David’, for any curious Umbrella collectors), thus straddling 3 decades of physical media home entertainment!

You can get your copy here.

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