Feisty Dame Productions and Stephen Cleary partner on two-day development skills workshop

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Feisty Dame Productions and Stephen Cleary have announced a two-day professional development workshop for screen industry practitioners in Western Australia to be held in Perth on 20 and 21 January 2020.

The ‘The Art and Craft of Development’ workshop will provide script editors, readers, producers, directors, and writers a practical guide to the creative undertaking of story development. It focuses on development as a key foundation of our screen industry, as well as one with economic implications.

Screenwest and Lotterywest supported the workshop through the Screen Industry Skills Development Fund, which includes a provision of scholarships for 5 practitioners from diverse backgrounds to attend.

The workshop was developed by Stephen Cleary after having worked in television and film for over 30 years, first as an independent TV producer/director, then a feature film developer and producer.

Stephen Cleary has a strong track record providing creative development consultation for Australian and international creatives, and his most recent workshops have taken place in Australia, UK, France, Poland, Denmark, Sweden, New Zealand, Japan and the Faroe Islands. This is the first time that the “The Art and Craft of Development” workshop has been held in Western Australia.

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“It’s great to be working in Western Australia again, and I’m looking forward to reconnecting with an industry that is progressing in leaps and bounds,” said Stephen Cleary. “Things are moving fast in development too with lots of new conditions and new ideas for all of us to be getting our heads around, so I look forward to having that conversation with industry professionals in WA.”

Feisty Dame Productions approached Stephen to host the workshop in Western Australia after identifying a gap in the skills market for story development. Tania Chambers, Managing Director of Feisty Dame Productions, said “this is a rare opportunity for us to provide tailored training for development executives and assistants.”

“The ‘The Art and Craft of Development’ workshop equips those wanting to work in the development world with a range of technical tools, as well as insights on the importance of strong interpersonal skills to the creative process, and we are pleased we can bring Stephen to Perth to provide these insights.”

Registrations for the workshop are now open until Monday, December 23 2019. Click here for more details. 

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