Trailer released for The Leunig Fragments

Michael Leunig.

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Madman Entertainment has released the official trailer for the intriguing documentary The Leunig Fragments.

With exclusive and intimate access to Michael Leunig, this feature documentary entertains, engages and enlivens audiences with a revealing portrait of an enigmatic artist.

Spanning a career of over five decades, which often invites fierce polemic debate, Michael Leunig has opined on the state of the nation, one distinctive drawing at a time. Filmed over five eventful years, director Kasimir Burgess (Fell) observes Michael grappling with life, art and mortality.


The reflections of a man nearing the end of his life encompass the curious boy Leunig starting out; past present and future hopes and dreams collide in this intimate and moving portrait of one of Australia’s most prolific and intriguing artists.

With an anarchic, playful and life affirming heart, the film celebrates self-expression, friendship, life and death, and the power of the imagination to ignite, enrage, heal and inspire.

Following on from its local premieres at both the 2019 Sydney International and 2019 Melbourne International Film Festivals, The Leunig Fragments will open in cinemas around Australia in early 2020, date to be announced soon.





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