Under the Cover of Cloud is coming to VOD next month

Ted Wilson in Under the Cover of Cloud.

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Following successful film festival screenings at Melbourne International Film Festival, Brisbane International Film Festival, Screenwave International Film Festival and Breath of Fresh Air Festival, Ted Wilson’s Under the Cover of Cloud will be available for audiences to watch on SBS On Demand from November 1.

Fired from his job writing for a weekend magazine, Ted Wilson decides to take a break from Melbourne and visit his family in Hobart. He realises his loss could be an opportunity, a chance to pursue something more meaningful. He happens on an idea: “I want to write something beautiful about cricket. A piece of literary non-fiction. It will in some sense be about Tasmanian batsmen and it will be from the heart.”

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Sensing that a brush with greatness may focus his reflections, Ted embarks half-heartedly on a quixotic search for legendary Australian cricketer and exalted Tasmanian, David Boon. Yet when the search stalls, Ted finds himself immersed in a present-time of infinite riches, reconnecting with his widowed mother and adult siblings now with young children of their own.

Denuded of narrative fanfare the film begins to operate as unique documentary portrait of middle Tasmania, rare in its loving commitment to a warm and convivial present. Featuring remarkable performances from a cast comprised solely of the director’s immediate family, Under the Cover of Cloud discovers a uniquely Australian tranquillity, drawing attention throughout to the grace of what is so often hidden in plain sight.

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