The new Kairos trailer packs a punch

Chris Bunton in Kairos.

A new trailer has dropped for Kairos ahead of the film’s screening at the Melbourne International Film Festival.

One of the breakout stars of Down Under (MIFF 2016) and Little Monsters (MIFF 2019), Chris Bunton packs a formidable punch in this trailblazing Australian drama – a rare local film that places both a performer and a character with Down Syndrome at its centre.

Bunton plays Danny, who wants to box as a way to earn respect, confidence and acceptance, and to prove that he’s more than his disability. Ex-fighter and trainer John takes Danny under his wing; however their mentoring relationship takes a beating when a sparring session accidentally turns violent.

Kairos is the first feature from Australian actor-turned-director Paul Barakat. Collaborating closely with Bunton, this is a powerful and empathetic coming-of-age tale filled with complex characters and themes alike.

You can find out more about the Melbourne International Film Festival screening here

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