Here’s your first look at Grant Sputore’s post-apocalyptic thriller I Am Mother

Hilary Swank in I Am Mother.

Netflix has dropped the first trailer for I Am Mother – a compelling Australian sci-fi about a human child raised by a robot mother in a post-apocalyptic future starring Hilary Swank and Clara Rugaard.

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Grant Sputore’s exciting feature debut takes the nature vs. nurture debate into a vast underground laboratory. Clara Rugaard gives a star-making performance as Daughter, a young adult whose only companion since birth has been Mother, a caring and compassionate robot programmed to re-establish the human race following cataclysmic events.

But Daughter is curious about what lies beyond her hermetically sealed world. The arrival of a wounded woman (Swank) triggers tense and unpredictable events. Visually stunning, emotionally rewarding and with memorable voice work by Rose Byrne as the titular character, I Am Mother tells a gripping tale of lineage, loyalty and trust.

I Am Mother will screen at the Sydney Film Festival on Thursday, 6 June. Details here.

I Am Mother will have a limited cinema run from July 18 before dropping on Netflix.

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