Have a few laughs with the new Me & My Left Brain trailer

Following the recent announcement of a limited Australian release, a new trailer has been revealed for Me & My Left Brain.

What happens when you are in love with someone, you don’t know how they feel about you, you have a job interview in the morning… and you cannot sleep?

Written, directed by and starring Alex Lykos (Alex & Eve) alongside Mal Kennard (Catching Milat), Rachael Beck (Hey Dad!), Chantelle Barry (Entourage) and Laura Dundovic (Ruben Guthrie) Me & My Left Brain is anoriginal, surreal, abstract romantic-comedy which pays homage to the rom-coms of the 70s.

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Alex & Eve was a broad comedy of which most of the comedy relied on ethnic stereotypes. As a Greek-Australian I wanted to tell a comedy which didn’t rely on ethnic stereotypes,” Lykos says.

“When searching for actors to play Left Brain, I was interested in casting against type. The Left Brain character drives Arthur mad throughout the night. So I thought, the actor who played Milat would be perfect for this comedic role.”

Me & My Left Brain will hit cinemas in NSW, Victoria, WA and Queensland from May 16. Details here.

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