Welcome to Serenity Crossing – The brand new Locusts trailer is here!

Nathaniel Dean in Locusts.

Following a short, sharp teaser a few months back, the first feature length trailer has dropped for Locusts.

Directed by Heath Davis (Book Week) from a screenplay by first time feature film writer Angus Watts, Locusts follows tech entrepreneur Ryan (Ben Geurens) who reluctantly returns to his remote hometown for his father’s funeral when old family tensions are reignited.

Ryan quickly becomes entangled with a gang of desperate small-town thugs from his father’s past, becoming the target of a deadly extortion scam.

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Channelling the spirit of iconic neo-noir thrillers like Oliver Stone’s U-Turn, Angus Watts’ electrifying screenplay situates the action in a uniquely Australian milieu and Heath Davis’ punchy direction makes the most of a murderer’s row of the country’s best actors including the final screen performance from the extraordinarily talented Damian Hill.

Jessica McNamee, Nathaniel Dean, Peter Phelps, Andy McPhee, Justin Rosniak, Steve le Marquand and Alan Dukes also star.

Locusts will have its world premiere at the Gold Coast Film Festival on Thursday, 11 April which will include a filmmakers Q&A. Details here.

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