Exclusive Clip! ACMI screening announced for RocKabul

Cinema Australia have been given access to an exclusive clip from new Australia documentary RocKabul ahead of the film’s Victorian premiere.

Australian filmmaker Travis Beard spent seven years in Afghanistan – originally as a photojournalist until he came across the underground expat music scene. Deep in that scene he met four young Afghan men that wanted to be in a metal band. Meeting the men changed his career path as he realised that he was witnessing something special – music challenging the traditional Islamic society inside the US led War on Terror.

RocKabul is a coming-of-age documentary, which explores youth identity, and freedom of expression on the precipitous of the fragile city of Kabul. It shows Afghanistan’s first and only metal band, District Unknown, reach out to the disenchanted Afghan youth, the expat community and eventually the outside world. However, by challenging this traditional Islamic republic, District Unknown put themselves and their fans in the firing line. Ultimately, we see a music movement, which encouraged the participation of men and women alike, crumble under the weight of the conservative society that shadowed them. The film features a side of Afghan life rarely shown in Western media.

RocKabul had its World Premiere at Rotterdam International Film Festival, Australian Premiere at Sydney Film Festival (where it was nominated for Australian Documentary through the Documentary Australia Foundation) and has screened at more than thirty festivals internationally.

This will be the first screening in Victoria. 

RocKabul will screen at ACMI Federation Square on March 6 at 6.30pm. Travis, Afghan band member Lemar and producer Brooke Silcox will be part of a Q&A following the screening.

You can find ticket details at  www.rockabul.com

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