Saara Lamberg’s Innuendo returning to big screen

Saara Lamberg in Innuendo.

Saara Lamberg’s Cinema Australia 2017 Audience Award winning film Innuendo will screen theatrically in Byron Bay during March.

With the assistance of new independent filmmaker’s cooperative, Cine-gar Bar, Lamberg’s disturbing arthouse drama will enjoy a run at Pighouse Flicks in Byron Bay.

“Myself and Blake Northfield of Pighouse Flicks connected online through Cine-gar Bar and he offered to run Innuendo for a week or more.” Lamberg said.

“It was amazing news, getting theatrical release for an  independent arthouse film is so difficult. We had our initial cinema run in Cinema Nova in Melbourne which was fabulous, but I always wanted to bring this film to other cinemas too. I believe there are audiences hungry for alternate content everywhere.”

In the film, writer, producer and director Lamberg stars as a mysterious young woman who starts a new life as an art model. Throughout the film her troubled past comes back to haunt her as her demons, and her true self, are revealed.

Screenings will kick off with a Q&A session with Lamber and Innuendo costar Andy Jans-Brown (Blue Heelers) on the 15th March.

You can find more information about the screenings here.

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