Action called on Unsound

Ian Watson, Tsu Shan Chambers, Martine Delaney, Chryssy, Jessica Orcsik, Ally Burnham, Christine Anu and Reece Noi.

by Matthew Eeles

Upcoming Australian film Unsound has started filming in Sydney.

Directed by Ian Watson (Janet King) from a script by Ally Burnham (Nice Package), Unsound follows the journey of a disillusioned musician whose romantic spark is ignited by a young, trans man as they work together to save his community nightclub for the deaf.

The new drama stars Reece Noi (Game of Thrones), Yiana Pandelis (Misfits), Todd McKenney (Winners & Loosers), Christine Anu (Black Comedy) and Paula Duncan (Number 96). 

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“I am so grateful for all our supporters who stood by myself and this story for the past three years so that we are now bringing to life a very quirky musical love story that breaks moulds on so many levels,” said producer Tsu Shan.

Unsound is a Wise Goat Production which will also feature appearances by Ana Maria Belo, Olivia Beasley, Anthony Brandon Wong, Jessica Orcsik and Christian Wilkins.

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