Trailer of the Day: Blackwater

Writer, Director, Producer, Editor Iain Fulton
Starring John Regan, Chris Turner, Venessa Bristow, Justin Herreman, Ric Carlsson, Dugald Graydon, Asabi E Goodman, Nigel Riley, Johnny Norris, Jesse Aquiningo, Graham K Furness, Daniel James, Jason Muller and Timothy Quinlan

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A small mining camp in Dakota Territory 1899 named Blackwater is a peaceful and prosperous community. Held together by Sheriff Gil Sanderson, until one tragic summer day, when events degenerate into dramatic and dangerous turmoil.

A volatile group of bandits known as The Ace Dalton Gang, ride into Blackwater and take over, hanging the Deputy and violently forcing the Sheriff, into his own prison.

Helpless to protect the people of Blackwater, it is up to Sherriff Sanderson’s daughter Daphne, a local priest, a bounty hunter and a mysterious southern gentleman to find a way to remove evil from Blackwater forever.

Against all odds, the strange and unlikely protagonists must prevail, or they too, will meet their doom, and Blackwater will fall.

A fortune in gold is up for grabs; and a deadly game of loyalty and betrayal ensues.

Blackwater is a dark western, featuring intense drama, action, surprises and constant palpable tension.

Blackwater will be released later in the year. You can keep up to date with the film here

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