Sunday Shorts: Compulsion

Josh Kieser in Compulsion.

Directed by Ryan Davey
Written by Paul Nash and Robert Skelhorn
Produced by Ryan Davey
Starring Josh Kieser and Darrell Plumridge

Article written by Ryan Davey

Compulsion is an escapist film done with a subtle comedic touch, with moments of raw emotion. A personal take on mental health and depression, showing how people can react to life situations when put under the hammer. It can drive you to do unusual things, thus in the case of the main character ‘Felix’ he falls in love with a Japanese Bidet.

Although on the surface the film appears to be completely ridiculous, it explores real issues that effect everyday people, going into work unfulfilled and seeing everyone around you succeed. He uses it as a way to escape the entrapment of a failing relationship, ultimately creating this ‘Her’ like fantasy world. When his boss comes into the picture it threatens to compromise this new world, and he does whatever he can to keep it alive.

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The film stars an up and coming actor Josh Kieser who is currently pursuing his acting career in Hollywood, and the talented Darrell Plumridge plays the menancing boss character who has a overwhelming desire for women. It was shot over a period of 5 days on a budget of $8000, and everyone had to pitch in their time and effort to get the film made. We we’re all really impressed by how well it turned out on such a tight schedule.

I’m proud to finally get this film out there after a successful run in the festival circuit, having won a multitude of awards ranging from ‘Best Comedy’ at the Oniros Film Awards, to ‘Outstanding Achievement’ at the Berlin Flash Film Festival. I think this film is a testament of what you can do when you put your heart and soul into something, and strive to push yourself to achieve the upmost best.

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