Crowdfunding campaign launched for online dance competition

Imagine: Dance, an intriguing new Perth-based web series, is currently crowdfunding to kickstart production.

Imagine: Dance is a live theatre competition where audiences from Perth and abroad will have an opportunity to vote for the winner in each episode.

Every year, the Imagine: Dance team will come together to create and design twelve unique logos. Once completed, these logos will be uploaded to the Imagine: Dance website. Using the exclusive Imagine App, viewers will have the opportunity to vote on their favourite logo. Once a winning logo has been selected, viewers will also have the power to vote on the genre of dance for contestants.

Once the votes are in, auditions for the first episode will be available for potential contestants to film themselves and their footage via the Imagine App. Once the auditions are in, four females and four males will be selected as our finalists for an episode. They will have an opportunity to perform live for viewers. From here, viewers can either attend in person and receive ten points, or they can watch the episode on Vimeo and receive one point. Viewers can use their points to vote for a winner, giving that winner the opportunity to be viewed by millions on YouTube and Vimeo. Competitors will also win a cash prize which they can put towards their career.

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“By using Kickstarter, we have the potential to branch out and reach an international audience” says Justin Thomas, creator of Imagine: Dance.

“With the interest of the international dancing community, we can really market Perth as a creative hub for not only dancers, but for performers of the arts.”

Justin won’t be alone in his endeavour either, as he will be accompanied by his brother Jarrad, who has graduated from TAFE with IT qualifications, and is continuing on with Computer Science studies at Murdoch University.

While Jarrad has experience in app development, the Imagine App will be his first major project.

The Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign will run for a month, with ongoing social media updates. The campaign has a wide array of rewards, allowing pledgers to choose the reward they’d prefer.

Imagine: Dance can be found here on the Kickstarter page.

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