New comedy web series takes aim at social media – See the Antisocial trailer here!

Antisocial is a new series by Goodall & Gallagher (The Slot, Foxtel) that takes aim at social media and modern technology – making the point, that there is nothing social about it and it could be the thing driving us all apart.

The high-concept lowbrow comedy doesn’t hold back for one second. It taps into social media etiquette on Instagram, showcases a Twitter argument played out in real life and poses the question of how men would cope being a woman for a day in virtual reality.

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Luke Goodall and Marc Gallagher form the comedy duo Goodall & Gallagher. Together they write, direct and star in each bite sized episode of Antisocial. They have also managed to wrangle some serious comedic clout for each episode. Including; Georgia Chara (Wentworth), Susie Kazda (Rostered On), Max Price (Kinne), comedian Frenchy and Pippa Mills and Helena Ruse from the comedy duo The Leftovers (Fresh Blood).

Goodall & Gallagher are Aussie creators on the rise. Their videos have amassed 2 million views to this date, they have created content for the USA based app, were featured as emerging talent on Foxtel’s sketch comedy The Slot in 2018 and have had their work screen in festivals around the world including New York, LA, Rio and their home town of Melbourne.

Antisocial premieres on the 31st of October on the Goodall & Gallagher Facebook, YouTube and Instagram and airs weekly.

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