God of Flowers cast revealed – Nadine Roseboom to direct (Exclusive)

Cinema Australia Original Content:

Emily Gruhl and Alastair Osment will star in Nadine Roseboom’s God of Flowers.

Writer and director Nadine Roseboom has announced she will follow up her acclaimed short film The Game with a new Australian Gothic, God of Flowers.

God of Flowers is set in the early 1800s and follows Dirk and Roos, a Dutch couple who have recently settled in Australia and become haunted by the part they’ve taken in colonisation.

“Prior to filmmaking I studied archaeology and anthropology, so I’ve always been fascinated with the study of people and culture. Initially I was drawn to the idea of a woman, isolated by language, in a foreign land, and how she would manage on her own after the death of her husband”, Roseboom told Cinema Australia.

“But once I visited the location, the story went in a different direction. It became clear that the story was intrinsically linked to the history of the place and the history of Australia. I was interested in colonisation, and how White Australia came to claim ownership over land, ignoring the relationships and knowledge held by the country’s First Nations for tens of thousands of years. I wanted to explore that conflict both internally and externally through the characters in the film.”

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The title takes it’s inspiration from the Mary Oliver poem, “The Kookaburras”.

Emily Gruhl (Picnic At Hanging Rock) and Alastair Osment (Deadline Gallipoli) will star in the film.

“Roos misses her life back home in Holland. She feels alone in this foreign country and yearns to be back with her loved ones”, Gruhl told Cinema Australia.

Alastair Osment’s character Dirk is an ascetic man, who prefers functionality over ornamentation.

“Dirk wants to make his make his mark on the land and see’s this country as a place of unlimited  opportunity. But he’s not used to the tough physical work and the Australian bush can be unforgiving”, Osment said.

Emily Gruhl can be seen in the reimagining of Picnic At Hanging Rock which is currently on Foxtel and recently completed filming on the feature film Angel of Mine, starring alongside Noomi Rapace, Yvonne Strahovski Luke Evans and Richard Roxburgh. Alastair Osment has starred in TV productions including Top Of The Lake: China Girl, Deadline Gallipoli, Rake and Home and Away.

God of Flowers will commence principal photography next month in the Wombat State Forest near Daylesford, Victoria.

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