Blazing Arrow has announced its new dramedy Maybe Tomorrow

Cinema Australia Original Content:

Tegan Crowley and Vateresio Tuikaba in Maybe Tomorrow.

Article by Matthew Eeles

Caught Lazybones yet? How about Wolf? They’re both available to stream.

So Long played at the Melbourne Queer Film Festival in March this year and it was a little ripper. Did you see it?

Have you heard of Blazing Arrow? If you frequent this site you should have, because we’ve been banging on about them for a couple of years now.

Headed by Caitlin Farrugia and Michael Jones, the Melbourne-based indie production company has been pumping out high-quality micro budget gems for a number of years. If you’d prefer Australian films that don’t star John Jarrett, Naomi Hazlehurst, Jacqueline McKenzie or Ryan Corr (few do, we know), you’d be doing yourself a favour by checking out any of the aforementioned titles.

If, like us, you have seen all of the above, then you’ll be stoked to know that Farrugia and Jones have recently announced that their latest film, Maybe Tomorrow is currently in post-production. And if like us, you’re a sucker for adorable kids with chubby cheeks that you just want to pinch, you’re going to go goo goo gaa gaa for the film’s new poster. How cute is that kid, right?

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Here’s the synopsis: Patrick (Vateresio Tuikaba) is optimistic that filmmaking and parenthood are a good mix. But his partner Erin (Tegan Crowley), is not so sure. Whilst finding their feet in the newfound parenthood game, the couple is deep in pre-production on their self-funded feature film. Hoping to be both attentive parents and successful creatives, this juggling act offers a new perspective on priorities, responsibility and the important things in life.

“We wanted the film to be relatable to not just independent filmmakers but also to anyone who has had to compromise on their dreams,” Farrugia told Cinema Australia. “We thought it would be interesting to watch two people work out their priorities as parents, partners and creatives through the craziness of being in production. The film is about a couple who are filmmakers but it is more about their relationship as they raise their first child.”

Farrugia and Jones will both direct from a script they’ve written. Maybe Tomorrow stars regular Blazing Arrow collaborators Crowley and Tuikaba along with Chloe Martin, Ryan A. Murphy, Fabiana Weiner, Christapor Yaacoubian and Eva Seymour.

Maybe Tomorrow is expected to hit the festival circuit next year.

You can keep up to date with Blazing Arrow here

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