Sunday Shorts: The Confession

Written, Directed and Produced by Kane Guglielmi
Starring Charles Cottier, Roy Billing, Shane Withington, Axle Whitehead, Lara Spaggiari, Seamus McAlary and Sam Glissan

Article by Kane Guglielmi 

Once or twice a year actor Charles Cottier and myself head away for a few days together up to Kingscliff, NSW. It’s a boys trip – beach, beers and I must definitely omit babes from the sentence because I’m happily married. But you get the point. It’s a lot of fun, a lot of laughs, and it certainly puts my mind in a free, creative space. This is how The Confession was born.

In 2009 I made my first short film Dear Diary with Roy Billing among others. It had been nearly 10 years since I’d made a short and I had a desire to make another one. I’d never written anything before but had developed dozens of scripts over the years. I always wondered if I’d be any good as a writer.

In some ways I always pictured making a short film after directing network TV and a feature as a bit of a back step. I think it was more a pride thing to be honest. But to the contrary, after working in those high pressure environments I found making a short was really a lot of fun and very refreshing. Firstly it doesn’t cost as much and secondly, I didn’t write and direct a film with a marketing pitch behind me. I just wrote what I wanted, and made it.

After financing, directing and producing Cooped Up, I was exhausted to say the least. I didn’t have the burning desire to make another film until that holiday with Charles.

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Once the fire started burning I couldn’t be stopped. Within a few days I had a first draft. I knew or had worked with everyone in the cast besides Lara Spaggiari. I had all my cast in mind from the outset and sent them the script. I was so nervous. I’d sent screenplays out hundreds and hundreds of times before but they were never my words on the page so it was a very different feeling.

It seemed as though people enjoyed those words and everyone offered to be part of it gratis, which was extremely kind and encouraging.

I rounded up a fantastic crew who I love to work with. Guys that are way too experienced to come work on a short film who gladly wanted to be part of it.

I have a low maintenance rule on set. If you are hard work or high maintenance, I’m not really interested in having you around. It’s not for any other reason than to allow us all to have fun in the process of making a film. When everyone is happy, collaboration is at its best. And my favourite part of making a film is the shoot. So I want to enjoy it!

We shot across three spacious days in Sydney that gave us the time to have fun and spend whatever time we needed.

The end result is what it is. It’s a comedy that doesn’t take itself seriously at all. My hope is that I can continue to make films or television that make people laugh. We live in serious times where it seems comedy is at times frowned upon because of its inability to always be politically correct. And that’s exactly what I love about it. I want to give others an opportunity to laugh and not always treat everything so seriously. Not everything has to be offensive.

Thanks for watching and I hope you all enjoy.

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