Hold on to your seats! Adele Elasmar kicks ass in this action-packed Night Shift trailer

Adele Elasmar in Night Shift.

Prima Lux Films has dropped a new trailer for their upcoming short, Night Shift.

Written and directed by John Balazs, the action-packed Night Shift is a follow up to Prima Lux’s 2016 neo noir martial arts film, Dancer.

Night Shift follows Bianca Fury (Adele Elasmar), a guilt ridden police officer who is forced to tackle her inner demons and rely on her training to survive and fight her way through five floors of a drug lab.

Night Shift was shot over five days in Melbourne after a successful crowdfunding campaign and six months of fight choreography.

Elasmar joins Stephen Degenaro, Liz Conrado and Zia Kelly as the main cast.

Night Shift is currently in post production and is due for the closing screening at the Melbourne City Independent Film Awards in October 2018.

You can keep up to date with the film here.

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